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NH Voted Most Livable State April 16, 2007

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Good ol’ New Hampshire. Despite its unpredictable climate and long winters, high property taxes, expensive housing market, and proximity to Maine (just kidding) it was recently named the “most livable state” by Morgan Quinto Press. I personally have been a lifelong resident, having lived in Nashua, Amherst, Milford, and now Manchester for over twenty-five years. Do I think it is the most livable state? Maybe–but having never actually lived in another state, I don’t think I am in any position to make that kind of decision.

To read more about just how great the Granite State is and how the prestigious title came about, visit the EagleTribune.

Or, even better, share your own opinions as to why NH is or isn’t the most livable state in America.

Downtown Nashua, NH

Downtown Nashua, NH


5 Responses to “NH Voted Most Livable State”

  1. outsider222 Says:

    No…you’re NOT kidding! (And I sadly agree)

    Odd that the most livable state should be situated right next to the least livable one.

  2. Where does Maine rank among the list? Do you know? It just seems so far away from everything but Canada and NH. NH, especially the Southern part, is more like a 50 mile suburb of Boston. At least, that’s what I like to believe.

    Maine, though, has a kind of serenity and tranquilness associated with it—it really can’t be that bad!

  3. outsider222 Says:

    Actually, unless you live in western Maine, then you’re nowhere near NH either. Except for one 2-lane road between Berlin and the lumber country, there are no east-west highways. So it’s easier to get to Canada from most of Maine.

    Maine ranks the very highest in teen suicide, in the top 10% of alcohol and drug addiction, and ranks number 39 for per-capita income.

    However, since the other 11 are southern states who don’t need to buy heating fuel, I guess you could say that Maine ranks dead last.

    It also has about the worst tax burden per capita. People in gov seem to screw everything up:


    and nobody can agree on anything; contention is the norm.

    Most of the people in Maine are very nice, but they’re timid and a bit gullible (like me!) . Maine has a history of being owned and run by the Good Ole Boys (and girls) who call all the shots.

    Most of these good ole folks are predators who only see outsiders as food.

    Everyone in Augusta (capital) does just as they say. The AG is selected by secret ballot by the legislature, and he helps maintain the status quo.

    Real Estate Laws are INSANE. Crooks get away with anything.

    I lived in NH for over 10 years. Believe me, Maine is not even the same planet.

    Really pretty, though!

    And hopefully, with the large immigration since 9/11, things will change.

  4. Sara Says:

    NH IS the best kept secret in the US! I think it is the last place of innocence on earth! I love the kind, trusting, friendliness of the people. The clean air and streets, the mountains, the lakes, and the combination of access to everything and yet many beautiful, quiet, tranquil places. I have lived in NY all of my life, but own many investment properties in NH and I travel there almost every month. It is a piece of heaven on earth with gorgeous views and killer foliage! If you are lucky enough to have been born in NH, you might not have any idea how fortunate you are, but I know, because I was born in NY. As the NH state license plate reads ‘Live Free or Die’, it is truly a free (tax free) and beautiful State! I CAN’T WAIT to move there! I will need to make many sacrifices and leave my parents, siblings, friends, and a successful business just to get there, but I know it will be well worth it in the end when I find a piece of paradise.

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